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Traffic and Leads Version 3.0


Welcome HTMail Customers!

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Allow me to show you a powerful system that will help you generate
signups and leads via Traffic Exchanges and Social Networks. Really
anywhere you advertise for that matter.

1. Join RobsNetworkers Forum if you are not a Member.

Once you register and confirm your membership, (check your email for confirmation)
you'll want to post in the Welcome Section. Tell them that Rob Gehring sent

2. Download the Conference Room

Save this file to a location you'll remember. After the file download is complete,
locate the file and run it; or if the download window is still open
click 'Run'. Follow the on screen instructions to install the conference room on
your computer. After the room is installed, there should be a icon on you desktop
or it will be in your start menu under all programs. You may have to disable
your firewall or just allow the conference room to download any updates.
If you use Windows Vista you'll have to right click on the icon for
the conference room on your desktop or in the start menu, and click 'run as
administrator' for the updates to install. Now the conference room should be
working, if not contact me and I'll help you.

IMPORTANT!:- We also have Training in this conference room which you are welcome to
come to. Check the schedule here or contact me for a private session.

3. Download the Firefox Browser by Mozilla

FireFox is a powerful Web browser. It has the ability to open multiple sites
and windows inside a single browser. Multiple pages can be saved as a GROUP
and reopened together. You will be able to surf faster and earn more
credits than ever before. We'll come back to FireFox in a later step.

4. Now, we need traffic to our Website

The tutorial below will help you build a Lead Capture page via Blogger. If
you would prefer building your own Lcp I recommend you first get a domain
name thru and then get some FREE Hosting at 000WebHost

They offer a $5 per referral affiliate program plus have a very nice site
builder that you can use. For more reliable paid hosting, see my Paid Hosting
Recommendation on the left side of this Blog. Now, to the basic Lcp setup via

Setting up Your Lead Capture Page

Traffic Exchanges are the perfect vehicle for your new LCP. The following are my Personal
. Sign up for as many as you can or don't have. IMPORTANT!:- When
you join these programs make sure to save all the URLs- both for your surf pages and
for your referral links! (* = Recommended Upgrade - Traffic Exchanges are below the
Marketing Tools [PageSwirl is FREE!]). Put your Pageswirl link in all the places you advertise.
If you ever need to change the URL you are advertising, you simply make the change
at Pageswirl instead of everywhere you advertise.

(The leads I generate from my lead capture page become leads for my income
streams.) These are completely free, manual exchanges. Most of these are cheat
proof, so you are assured of a quality visit. If they happen to upgrade in a Traffic
Exchange that pays commissions, I have added to my income. :)

The link you place in an exchange is where you want all your earned
traffic to go to. You can opt to advertise anything you like. Just make
sure that you send all your traffic to it and that it is a Free Program
or Lead Capture Page where you get the pertinent details of your prospect;
like your Blogger Lead Capture Page you created above! I recommend that
you update your Blog Weekly. You can mix business and non business topics;
or simply have 2 Separate Blogs. It is the active posting that gets your
Blog noticed by the search engines. Keep in mind that each Blog entry
you write has a separate URL; this is found at the top of each post/article
that you write. You can mouse over the title to see what this URL is.
To grab it, simply right click on it, choose properties, and copy it to
your clipboard. This becomes important for when you are advertising your
Blogspot Lead Capture Page; you'll want to advertise it specifically, not
your entire Blog. Blogging starts the beginning of Web 2.0; giving you
the opportunity to find a whole new set of clients/customers/prospects.

Another great Web 2.0 feature is Facebook; which I discuss further down.
One other point about BlogSpot - - - at the top of your Blog there is an
area that says NEXT BLOG. Take a look at the other Blogs that are out there; follow
as many as you can for many Bloggers will follow you back. This gives you more
readers who can possibly become leads/clients/customers for you!

5. Setting Up Your FireFox

Adding to the Bookmarks: Open up Mozilla FireFox, at the Top of Page click 'Bookmarks', From
the drop down menu click 'Manage Bookmarks', Second line click 'New Folder' [name folder
for your groups of exchanges you want to surf. For example Group 1, Group 2, Group

Close bookmark window and Go back to FireFox main page, Copy and paste a surfing url
into the browser, Open the surfing page - At top of page click 'Bookmark' From drop
down menu click 'Bookmark this page'. In the drop down menu you will see the 'Name'
of the exchange you just bookmarked. From the 'Folder:' box, select which group you
want this exchange to be opened in and Click OK. Repeat these procedures for each
surfing url you want to bookmark

To Open these pages for surfing: Bring up the Mozilla page, Click 'Bookmark' at top
of page and then go to the folder you want to surf [for example group 1 folder]. At
the bottom of that folder click 'Open All in Tabs'.

Each of the exchanges you placed in the group will appear in a line [ of tabs ] near
the top of the [ browser ] page, Click them [ the tabs ] left to right,
each opens up, click what you need to, go to the next tab, click, and so on.

Assuming you have selected the correct URL to focus all your traffic to;
you should be receiving signups/optins and getting notices into your email account.
At this point, begin making contact with your new prospect and help them get setup
and become familiarized with our system. Good modes of communication are simple
emails, Messenger, and the Telephone. You can also use a responder to continue
followup after you have contacted them manually.

Also, if they leave a phone number; give the lead a call and start building a
business relationship with them. Studies have shown that this type of relationship
building is the key to building trust/credibility with a lead. Voice contact is
key. Download Windows Live Messenger Below:

Windows Live Messenger

I recommend entering every lead/signup/optin you generate into your
Messenger contact manager. If they are already a Messenger user they will show
immediately either on or offline. If they are not a Messenger user; they will be
sent a download link and you may add a personal greeting as well. I cannot begin to
tell you how successful this method is. I can personally vouch for this method; for
it has made me more successful here on the net than I would have ever dreamed
possible. With the new version of Windows Live Messenger your Facebook, Twitter
Account, and Blog can all be integrated into your personal profile. Imagine how
powerful this will be!

6. If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer,
opening eight to ten pages at the same time may be too much. In this case, try
surfing fewer pages until your computer is running fast enough that you are happy
with it. My suggestion would be to group them together in groups of four.

7. The power surfing method we teach will bring tons of hits to your site. Leads/Signups
will result. You'll want to bring all your leads into Robs Networkers for training
and support.

8. Join FaceBook
and/or Add Me as a Friend if your are already an FB Member.

Wow, saved the best for last here. My recommendations on using Facebook are as follows:

1) Go to Friends and use the Friend Finder to Build your contact list. It will
look at your email, your messengers, and even your other social networks.

2) Use the Online Messenger at the bottom left to keep in touch with your
growing friends list. Remember, this is for business and personal.

3) Join great groups like Robs Networkers

4) Look into the various applications for RSS Readers, Twitter, and other Web 2.0
topics. You see, Web 2.0 puts you into the action. No longer do you wait for them
to come to go to them......THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

Thanks For Your Consideration.....Good Luck With The System!

Stay in Touch!

Please contact me with your feedback and comments about this system and any
questions you have. Have a Great Day!


Robert A. Gehring
Independent Business Consultant
Windows Live Messenger:
Skype: rob.gehring
"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for..."


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