Friday, November 20, 2009

More on TEListBuilding

Hi Friends!

I noticed my last post was not good for those that follow this blog
via email and use text formatted email. So here is the link for
TEListBuilding straight away:

Trust me when I say this is a good product that John is offering for
Free. Let me also make this offer. If you join and/or send me your
referral ID for TELB I will add your ID to the downline builder for
the following programs/resources (So send me these IDs too)

TE Tool Box
Daily Niche Idea
Discover cPanel
Resale Rocket
OTO Goldmine
Viral Traffic Co-Op

Limit one ID per person (though send them all to me) and John Guanzon is not allowed to
participate. LOL

So remember, join TELB, fill in your IDs in the rebrander, download and read the report, and most importantly send me your referral IDs for TELB and then any of the above you are a member of. Before my next wave of promotion I will update my rebrander based on the responses I get and then blast away! Hey, you could make yourself some $$$ just replying back to me!!!

Rob G.


John Guanzon said...

Hey Rob! Thanks for the support man!

ah that's not fair I don't get to participate? lol Thanks bro!

Rob Gehring said...

Thanks for the rebrander has no blanks now.


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