Saturday, February 28, 2009

Changes to Traffic Punk and a Re-Launch

Hi gang. I borrowed this from Ryan Hogan's Traffic Punk

Blog. I hope he doesn't mind.......

As you may or may not have already noticed, things are suddenly looking much
different around here at TrafficPunk.

Some of the changes:

Besides a complete redesign and a shiny new paint job, a few more recent
improvements have been made which include:

Dynamic surf ratios

Custom, redesigned surfbar

improved user navigation

URL Rotator for all users

Complete affiliate toolbox

Affiliate commissions are now being offered (up to 40%!)

Reduced Premium member pricing

Trafficpunk is also now on a modified version of the popular “lj” script, which will
make admin tasks much much easier for me as many problems with the older
script have now been shed.

All Traffic credits, banners and impressions have been moved over to the new script
but please keep in mind that 50% traffic credits will be auto-assigned to
your websites. Your old affiliate links will still work too.

We’ve set it up so your old links will automatically redirect to the new ones, so
you won’t lose any direct referrals in case you still happen to be using your old referral link. ;)

If you are not a member; you are definitely going to want to join!

Relaunch is coming March 1st at 6am est!

Keep your eyes peeled for important updates and new, special offers! :)

If you are not a member; I recommend waiting till after the relaunch

to join. Again, 3/1/09 at 12 Noon est or after.

Here is your join link:

Have a Great Day!


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