Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Traffic and Leads on the Continued Web 2.0 Adventure

Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for reading this weeks issue. Let me start by showing you my new Traffic
and Leads System:

I decided to bring out of retirement my original 10khits4u domain. Using my system will

help you get 10000 hits or more to your site; so I think the title is appropriate.

I use this site as the thankyou page from my Lead Capture Page which I rotate in Traffic
Once the form is filled out; the prospect is taken to a Blog entry that mentions

my optional mentoring service. One can continue on to payment; or cancel to go directly

to the New Traffic and Leads System. I also encourage all folks reading my Blog to

subscribe to my Blog updates in the left hand margin. Subscriptions are handled as

either email optins or RSS Feed Subscriptions. Correct, my Blog now has its own Feed;

courtesy of Feedburner.

You are probably wondering what RSS Syndication is. Well, from a Bloggers standpoint it

allows my content to be syndicated. In other words carried on other peoples blogs and

webpages. Think about the comic strips of yesterday. The more papers that carried
strip (syndicated it); the more exposure you would have to it. The same holds for
blog. If you have 3 website carry your feed; with 100000 subscribers each, then you
a reach of 300000 customers with only 3 syndications happening. Do you see the power
this? Imagine in comparision 3 individuals reading your article. Big difference there.

Ok, back to the changes in Traffic and Leads:

1) RobsNetworkers moved to the first step with introduction to conference following.

2) New Traffic Exchange Recommendations:

HitsImpossible - TrafficHeroes - OnlineBusinessTraffic

3) Introduction to Facebook and expanded description of Blogspot

***Twitter News***

There is a new viral tool which can add tons of followers to your Twitter Rolls. Here
it is:

They are saying 19,000 followers in 30 days............hmmmmmmm

***Personal Stuff***

Good news about my daughter Thursday. Her Epilepsy is well under control with the

latest Video EEG results coming back normal. So the good news about Epliepsy is that

it is controllable with the right medicine. Because she is only 6; she may outgrow it as

well. Time will tell. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Come to the RobsNetworkers conference Sunday at 8:30pm est. The room download

link is below; rest assured it is safe!

See you soon!



modernadvantage said...

Hi Rob,

Good Job on the syndication with Feedburner. I use their service on all my blogs. I subscribed via Google RSS and since I use Google as my home page, I instantly know when you have made an update :~)

Keep On Truckin', and if you need anything you know how to find me...


Leif Anderson said...

Hello Rob,

I noticed that you stopped following me on blogger. You probably stopped following me because I wasn't following you. I am now following you on blogger,so you don't have any reason not to follow me. I also posted your feed link on my blog.

    follow me on Twitter