Saturday, March 21, 2009

Announcing the RobsNetworkers Forum

The RobsNetworkers Forum is LIVE. If you have not joined it yet, please do so:

To be a member of RobsNetworkers, you must be a member of the forum.

So, what is RobsNetworkers?

Here is our Mission Statement:

The new forum has allowed us to separate our Marketing System from our
roots in Traffic Era; giving us additional focus and clarity of message.

Once you are a member of the forum, here are some new entries that help
illustrate some of the changes we have made:,51.0.html


So, in keeping with the process, here is my personal entry point into

From here, you'll discover traffic, leads, followup, income, motivation,
and more.......Check it out and join us in our Sunday Conference at 8:30pm
est. Here is the room link:


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