Saturday, October 24, 2009

RobsNetworkers is Steaming Ahead!

Hi Again!

RobsNetworkers is steaming ahead, so I want you to know all that is coming and
make sure you are in the right position to get the most from it.

1) In case you have not heard, the program of 2010 is coming in January; and it
is going to be big! RobsNetworkers will be the launching pad for TrafficLeads2Income.

TrafficLeads2Income will take the Traffic and Leads component from RobsNetworkers to the next level combining Quality Traffic, Lead Generation, Commissions, and the tools to build a powerful success system in one package. I can't wait to show more, and I will. First I need you to join the RobsNetworkers Forum below:

RobsNetworkers Forum

2) First join notification for TrafficLeads2Income will come to the forum members. That is why my focus will now be getting as many people to the forum as possible. Also, forum members will have a chance to be Beta Testers and also qualify for lifetime extra commissions. Again, you need to get into the forum ASAP! News regarding the progress of TrafficLeads2Income will be posted in the forum, plus look for a new RobsNetworkers Blog coming soon as well. It will be a WordPress Blog so don't let that catch you off guard.

3) The Voice Room is now a flash room and will be a key component of TrafficLeads2Income. Our goal is to make it a 24-7 Support Room, so please stop
by and say hello when you have time. Also, if you would like to assist in staffing the room, let me know. We need all hands on deck since business is beginning to pick up! Here is the link to the Flash Room:

RobsNetworkers Support Room

I look forward to you being a part of our community......take the first step and join the forum today and follow the instructions from there. If you are already a forum member, login and post that you're still out there. Then, pick up your training below:

Traffic and Leads

Thanks for reading.......until next time........


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