Sunday, November 1, 2009

TrafficPro-X and TrafficLeads2Income

Hi Everyone!

It has certainly been a busy last couple of weeks. But a very good kind
of busy. First off, TrafficLeads2Income has just entered pre-launch,
so if you're not a member of the RobsNetworkers Forum you're going to
want to join. The link is below:

RobsNetworkersForum Registration

Registered forum members are automatically added to the prelaunch pool plus will receive first notification when TrafficLeads2Income goes LIVE. Also, much news and things TL2I
related will be posted in the forum; and also at our new TL2I Blog.

In other other news, John Guanzon of TrafficPro-X has started a
referral contest. He's going to be givng away alot of stuff so if you're
a member you're going to want to be cranking up your promotions.

Here is a quote from John:


"I am giving away over 160,000 credits and $90 in upgrades!"


In just 2 days our month long referral contest will start and here's what's up for grabs:

1st = 100,000 credits + 3 Month Platinum Upgrade
2nd = 50,000 credits + 3 Month Gold Upgrade
3rd = 10,00 credits + 3 Month Silver Upgrade
4th = 1,000 credits
5th = 1,000 credits
6th = 500 credits
7th = 500 credits
8th = 100 credits
9th = 100 credits
10th= 100 credits

That's over 160,000 credits and $90 in upgrades that will be given away this month!

I will be creating a special video splash page to help bring in new members and that will be available
by the 1st when the contest starts.

I have also decided that at the end of every day I will be randomly picking one person off of the top twenty list to receive 500 credits all month long!



If you not a member of TPX then by all means join below:

Join TrafficPro-X Today


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John Guanzon said...

Thank you for the post Rob! I appreciate the shout out and support!

    follow me on Twitter