Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TrafficLeads2Income Testimonial!


Today I am excited to introduce a new program to you that is going to help you build your list while creating more traffic to your website.

The program is called TrafficLeads2Income and is the brain child of my good friend and long time business associate, Rob Gehring.

You can join free however, I know you will want to upgrade when you see the quality program and you understand the value.

Here is the website to get registered:

Here is the Lead Capture page you will create when you join. I have not edited mine, this is the unedited version. My Lead Capture page is attached to my GVO eResponder Pro. When visitors fill out the form and confirm their email, they are immediately directed to the Traffic Leads2Income signup form and their email address is confirmed and subscribed to my list in GVO.

When you place your lead capture page in Traffic Exchanges, you will generate a lot of new subscribers and refer a lot of new members to TrafficLeads2Income.

Don’t wait on this … you want to start using the system right away to build your list and attract prospects for your business.

Please leave your comments (after you join of course), I am anxious to hear what you think.

I know you will agree TrafficLeads2Income is a great tool!

I wish you great success,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

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David ORourke said...

Awesome Blog Rob. and our friend Janet is really good on video too. I will be sure to keepcoming back for updates. Thanks

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