Monday, May 24, 2010

TrafficLeads2Income Update XVIII

Member Count: 2234 and growing by the day! (60 new members since the last update.)

Commissions Paid this year: $4011.00


Frustrated with how things are going for you in your online business? No need to be frustrated, TrafficLeads2Income can help! Lets start building your list with our lead capture page and ease you into an autoresponder at the same time. Check with your sponsor for their AutoResponder recommendation. No matter which AutoResponder you choose, you are much better off with one than without one. The money is in the LIST! Some AutoResponders we support are TrafficWave, GVO, EmailAces, and Aweber. Want to use another one, no worries, you can add your favorite to your TL2I LeadCapture Page in Step 6 of our 10 Steps to List Building Success. The gold is in the list friends!

One of the cool things we have here at TL2I is our Support Room. Now, one day/time you’ll want to make a note of is Sunday Nights, 9pm est! This is our weekly conference and we’ll be kicking it into high gear 9pm est 5/23/10, so be there if you can. We have partnered with the Our Mastermind Group and created a Ning Sub Group with them. You can check it out below and see what the partner group has to offer. Mastermind Groups are all the rage, and we are proud to be a part of this one!

(You may need to register at the OMG Ning first and then click Groups at the top to register for our TL2I Group.)

Attend the 9pm est Sunday Conference to learn how to utilize the power of TL2I. Watch the video below if you need any motivation as to why you need to attend the 5/23 Conference.

Conference Topic: Monetize Your WordPress Blog with Special Guest Shannon Murphy from MaxBlogMoney!!!

Access link is below:

Support Room/Support Page

At the above page you will notice that we have added a Skype Support Group to create a 24-7 Support Room. The link is now functional and you can click to it above. If you do not use Skype, I highly recommend it as a great communication tool:


Pop in, say hi, ask a question………you are not alone!

Getting back to the video I referenced earilier, it is indeed getting lots of attention. Just for fun, and to prove that your TrafficLeads2Income LCP is editable; I added it to mine:

Rob’s LCP

I also spiced things up by adding a splash of RED to some of the text. I used the new Step 11 WYSIWYG Editor, so no fancy Html coding necessary. If you would like to add the Wysiwyg Editor and all the other great upgrade benefits to your TL2I account, simply click Upgrade at the Top or Step 11 in your TL2I Backoffice.

Here is a sample from the new Step 11 Graduate Course:

Speaking of cool stuff, MaxBlogMoney has been added to our downline builder. This is a great resource for anyone who has a WordPress Blog or has always wanted one. Step by Step details are given on how to setup and MONETIZE your Blog. We have teamed up with Shannon Murphy of MBM, so look for info about TL2I in Module 6, Traffic and Extras. Its LIVE! Keep in mind that you can get FREE info about MBM by filling out the form from the TL2I Downline Builder. If you become an affiliate, be sure to come back and update your Affiliate ID. MBM is still in their Early Bird Period (May 11th – June 11th) in which some upgrades to the Premier Plan ($47 Value) will be given away. The Premier Plan is a great value at a one time cost of $47. You get full system access and lessons plus 60% Commissions! Come join me and Shannon Sunday 5/23 at 9pm est for our Joint Conference!

Another addition to the Downline Builder is PhoneFollowUp. Imagine a tool that notifies your list optin by text message or voice message when they arrive in your world. Imagine the possibilities?!?

The critics have spoken, the huge enhancement to TrafficLeads2Income is 2 Thumbs Up…….WAY UP! We are now offering even more to our upgraded members. 7 additional Lead Capture Templates which will be completely editable. You are also able to save an unlimited amount of Lead Capture Pages after you edit them to your taste. You will be able to edit the Html or use the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor. No worries Free Members, there is something for you as well. You will get the base system the upgraded members used to have. Yes, you will be able to go thru all ten steps and complete set up. You will want to be upgraded though, for the awesome Step 11, 50% Commissions, and the editable downline builder! So, that’s it for now. Hopefully you are enjoying the program thus far……and we hope to see you at the conference Sunday night on 5/23 (9pm est). You never know what surprises may be in store for you!

Rob – Owner and Admin of

Skype: rob.gehring

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